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We have a knack for finding a variety of very good deals.

Our Reputation

Our reputation is impeccable. It doesn’t matter if we are representing the purchase of a multimillion dollar sale or 6 figure home. We put all of ourselves into delivering white glove service, reflected in our 5 star rating.


We have visited hundreds of properties. We have in-depth knowledge of homes you may already be interested in, and can help identify specifics not shared online to increase search efficiency.

Vast Network

We cooperate with a massive network of brokers who represent an array of on and off market homes for sale. As REBNY members, your access will be guaranteed.


Continuously refining process over the past 15+ years, we have honed our effective negotiation skills to ensure you capture your dream home for a great price.


Let Us Simplify It

The process of buying a home can be at times complicated. We aim to simplify the process by ensuring a seamless transaction.


Step No.01

& Identification

  • Identify price range through a qualified lender. Obtain a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter.

  • Select timeline to purchase. It is important to work within a set timeframe.

  • Pick primary locations. Ideally, you will select specific neighborhoods of interest to hone in on.

  • Decide upon those features you would like to have in your new home versus those non negotiable attributes.

  • Identify your representing broker. You’ll want a professional on your side to proceed to the next steps.


Step No.02

Beginning Your
Home Search

  • Discuss objectives with your professional RE salesperson.

  • Divulge all details regarding your ideal home to your buyer agent, including must haves and those items you’d like but can live without.

  • Review inventory online, pointing to pros and cons of the properties of interest. Select homes to visit.

  • Begin viewing homes. Weekend ‘open houses’ are ideal, set up to allow buyers to string together home visits.

  • Select a real estate attorney before placing offers. You will need an attorney immediately upon offer submission.


Step No.03

Reaching an
Accepted Offer

  • Discuss offer strategies with your professional RE salesperson. There are many different ways to get the price down.

  • Submit offer through your RE salesperson, highlighting the strengths of your candidacy.

  • Upon reaching a meeting of minds on purchase price, set the date for an inspection by a licensed professional.

  • Upon receiving the results from the inspection report, renegotiate price or items needing repair.

Final Steps Buying.jpg

Step No.04

The Final Steps

  • After the contract has been edited by both attorneys it is fully executed by buyer & seller.

  • Time for your first toast. Wire initial deposit. On the same day of contract execution you must wire your deposit to the seller attorney escrow.

  • For Condo buyers fill out and deliver condo application. For Coop buyers, send in coop application and set up interview.

  • Notify your lender to begin the loan process, and order the home appraisal.

  • Schedule final walkthrough to check the home’s condition, making sure it is being delivered as promised.

  • Close on your new home purchase, transfer or set up new utility accounts, and it’s time to celebrate.



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